"Hailing from St.Petersburg, artist duo 404.zero create otherworldly audiovisual projects that question the notion of reality."  -  Dash Fomina in Culture Trip, April 14, 2018

The algorithms employed here grow from the fascinations and obsessions of Kristina Karpysheva and Sasha Letsius (St. Petersberg). One recognizes quickly this team is evolving a language that is engrossing, strange, beautiful, and very much their own.

Seen here are a sampling of live AV performances that  have travelled to festivals throughout the EU and Asia.

Note also the video rendering "Still In Search of the Right Place" - a piece using lasers and sculptural elements, in development for a 2019 San Francisco premiere.


LINK to article about 404.zero in Culture Trip. 



interview with Dasha Fomina. April, 2018

How did you get to where you are right now?


Kristina: We met at Mars, a Moscow center for contemporary art. By that time Sasha had already done some major installations with his art collective Tundra, including Hyperjump, Outlines and The Void.

Sasha: Kristina was still studying at British Higher School of Art and Design and had only done three projects: the performance piece Nothingness at Mars, a theatrical project on the Red Square and in Muzeon Art Park, and a collaboration with Swatch.

Kristina: Then we started working together and have been doing so ever since. 
Our first collaborative project was a laser installation in Quartariata Residence in Peterhof. Then we partnered with Greg Haines to create an audiovisual performance in Moscow Planetarium for SoundUp. After that we flew to the US to perform at LACMA and Orpheum Theatre