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We represent 80+ artists from around the world, and thousands of event-ready performances and installations.

We invite you to join us in a clear, concise process that will quickly identify, develop, and deliver to your team a phenomenal result. 

You may already know what you need, and are looking for partners to realize it. Or start at square one, with Future Fires providing ideas, renderings, an action plan, and timed deliverables. 

We work sustainably, paying attention to our resource footprint, and lending a hand to worthwhile causes wherever we can. Future Fires builds partnerships of all kinds: with brands, cities, museums, architects, entertainers, presenters. We're open to anything, if it's done with integrity, passion, and quality.

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Categories of Work

Interactive Installations

Immersive Environments
LED's, Light Art, Projection Mapping

Virtual & Mixed Reality


3D Design & Games

Touchscreen Applications

Mobile Apps for Events

Fashion & Tech

Fabrication and 3D Printing
Frontiers of Music

Dance & Code

Illuminated Drone Swarms

Successful brands and presenters turn to Future Fires to create immersive art experiences. See case studies, below, to learn more.

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Click on this image for the full story: the creation of "CONE"

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"Resonance" premieres April 15, 2019 at the Tech Museum

of Innovation, San Jose. Partners include Plantronics and

Leap Motion. Generous support from the Knight Foundation.

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