Building, the Future

Building, the Future

Architects featured in this exhibition work with a common wish to situate our lives in imaginative settings: a desire to leave behind the box, the wall, the symmetrical and squared-off. For these architects the revolutionary nature of additive manufacturing methods is also a driver. Digital modeling and 3D printing allow for building with decreased waste and impact on the environment, as well as opportunity for the creation of new and startling forms.  

Future Fires partner Britelite Immersive was instrumental in designing and executing this ambitious installation at our March, 2017 Launch Event in San Francisco, giving attendees a taste of the way architects, globally, are imagining the future of building, and of our cities. 

Biomorphic Design in Architecture

"Biomorphism models artistic design elements on naturally occurring patterns or shapes reminiscent of nature and living organisms"


To (Neri) Oxman, Hadid’s legacy is the prelude to a much larger revolution currently sweeping through the design world: the departure from biomimicry — imitations of models, systems, and elements of nature — toward the realm of bio-informed design (put simply: the augmentation of objects and buildings with biological materials that can adapt, respond, and potentially interact with their surroundings).

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                                         Skylines: Present and Future

clockwise from above left: Shanghai skyline; Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Art Centre (Zaha Hadid Architects); The "Pearl Skyscraper" (rendered); the SalesForce Tower in San Francisco, with digital art by Jim Campbell