Christina Chatfield

Christina Chatfield was raised in a family of classical musicians, geographically and culturally located between the warm jacking beats of Chicago house and cool soulful stabs of Detroit techno. Espousing her genetically rooted appreciation for music, Christina attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston where she quickly absorbed every detail of electronic synthesis and began her analog hardware and studio gear addiction. Flash-forward to San Francisco where Chatfield and fellow alumni, Danny Patterson, have taken the local scene by storm performing together as the live act "Monocleâ," and releasing original productions and remixes in the process on NLMX and Race Car Productions. Exploring a different side of her sound, Christina began to play as solo live act in the fall of 2009 and has already gained the kind of notoriety that has landed her well received slots at the internationally acclaimed monthly "[KONTROL]" and ˜As You Like It". With the Finite EP on Beretta Grey, Christina has created two timeless pieces of music that are sure to please intelligent dance floor goers around the planet. The record commences with the groovy, yet lush sounds of ˜Finite" on the A-side. "Finite" gets it started right with a sneaky, yet funky bassline on top of a solid four-to-the-floor kick with added percolating percussion elements. The groove starts to really take shape when classic synth stabs are subtly added to the mix and proceed to march to the same cadence of the ass-movin’ bassline. For the breakdown, Chatfield introduces a simple but beautiful Detroit-inspired string arrangement right before the climax that ties the melodic elements together nicely. The beat drops back in with all the elements playing in perfect harmony for a classic dance floor jam that will have even the most jaded club-goer smiling & dancing. On the flip side, Christina continues her journey through sound with "Hands." Chatfield begins ˜Hands" like "Finite" with a big dub bassline & crafty percussion combination that is sure to please. Things get super interesting when random modulated percussion elements form together quickly for a devastating crescendo. Following this early culmination, bigger-than-life Basic Channel like dub chords are introduced along with humongous HAND-claps that will slap you right in your grill. ˜Hands" is a perfect b-side groovier that many DJs can reach for to keep the party pumpin through the late night hours. Recently releasing a huge EP for Carl Craig's Planet-E label, the dynamic Detroit duo known as Reference (Luke Hess & Brian Kage) come together for remix duties on the ˜Finite EP". With ˜Hands", Reference proceeds to take the song into a deeper direction. Employing classic 909-style percussion, Juno strings & pads, Space Echo delay lines, huge Lexicon reverb tails, and rounding everything out with a good minimoog bass hit, Reference keeps it simple, groovy, and classic for this remix. Beretta Grey is a sub-label of Beretta Music, owned and operated by Brian Kage in Detroit. In the past, Beretta Grey has helped begin, shape, & catapult the careers of young techno artists such as Luke Hess, Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson, and more.