“For up and coming cyber-pop talent, look no further than Chagall, the Amsterdam-born London-based cyborg diva … Brilliant!” - CDM

Chagall is an Amsterdam-born, London-based electronic music producer, songwriter, singer, performer, and an early adopter of gloves (wireless data gloves, enabling performance of electronic music with gestures).

Chagall appeared recently at South by Southwest and at Sonar. A recent Ted Talk gives a view of how she makes music, and why.


With support from Arts Council England, she’s been touring her new show, “Calibration,” through the UK.


Chagall’s live shows are making a deep dive into a visual representation of the sonic world she creates, joining carefully crafted choreography to real-time graphics, an approach that places her angelic voice in the middle of a choral and rhythmic maelstrom of her own making, with color, light, sound and grace. 



Chagall live performance video: