We work sustainably, paying attention to our resource footprint, and lending a hand to worthwhile causes wherever we can. Future Fires builds partnerships of all kinds: with cities, museums, architects, presenters, investors. We're open to anything and everything if it's done with integrity,

and creates opportunity for our artist community. Our process for developing a project is clear and concise.

What does our name mean?
The discovery of fire was a turning point in human evolution, providing heat, light, and protection. Fire has also been a focal point for gathering and storytelling. Work by Future Fires artists is symbolic of a new fire: an expansion of human engagement and community,

a new era of artistic practice and imagination.

These are lofty goals, but we think they're worth living up to.


Here's a project we're creating with multiple EU artist partners for the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. The Tech reviewed more than 120 applications after a worldwide call for proposals that utilized one or more emerging technologies in an interactive experience for all ages. The artists whose proposals were selected received support from The Tech, technology partners and a $50,000 grant from the Knight Foundation to create this new audience experience.

The Tech’s new initiative helps build a bridge between artists and Silicon Valley’s tech community, enabling artists to create digital experiences that engage audiences in new ways. 

We'll roll out further detail as we move along toward our April 14, 2019 unveiling. But we can say there's a connection between this work and issues that are much on our minds as regards precious resources and scarcity. Future Fires and our affiliate artists are delighted to work together to realize this work for the Tech and their partners, joining art and technology to make an installation that is fresh and thought-provoking.


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