Dance & Code

Mikey Disko, Marpi, and Can Buyukberber premiered this Dance+Code creation at the Future Fires 2017 Launch in SF. It's been performed several time since, including at Microsoft's "Envision" event in Orlando, right after Hurricane Maria. A splice of motion-capture tech and hip-hop, the Moshi Project reps this vital part of Bay Area culture in a fresh setting, joining movement to luminous, generative visuals, responsive in real time to the dancers onstage.

Mikey Disko is a San Francisco-based freestyle hip-hop dancer, active and contributing to the culture since 1991. His evolving style is a combination of 90's hip-hop, strutting, locking, b-boy top rock, popping and house foundation. He has performed in over 35 countries, and has been seen on Soul Train as well as music videos with Snoop Dogg and Souls of Mischief.

The "Next Gen" Moshi Project rolls out in Spring, 2019. The new version is for two dancers (including Mikey Disko), new music tracks, and new visuals by Oakland-based digital artist David Ostro. Duration: 20 min's

Klaus Obermaier


fuse* is an Art & Design Factory specialized in projects at the intersection of artistic installation, architecture, technological innovation, interaction, visual and sound design. fuse* is based in Italy, and employs a group of designers, architects, software engineers, media artists and project managers. Commissions include Sartoria, Sportmax, and Unipol. Their work can be seen online via Intel’s Creators Channel. They have participated in many New Media festivals and exhibitions, including Expo 2010 in Shanghai, Digital Graffiti in Alys Beach, Florida, the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn, the STRP Festival in Eindhoven (Netherlands). 

Read a review HERE of the recent San Francisco performance of Dökk at the Herbst Theater, 2019.

Mattia Diomedi

Diomedi Mattia is an Italian video artist, scenographer and lighting designer.
He studied set design at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, and lighting design at the Academy of
Teatro alla Scala. He worked subsequently as a lighting designer with Teatro alla Scala ballet company (the ballet "Shock"), and as a video artist for a production of the opera Otello, directed by John Neschling at Teatro Municipal de São Paulo.
He was a motion capture specialist for the Gazza Ladra by Giochino Rossini conducted by
Raccardo Chailly and directed by Gabriele Salvatores at Teatro alla Scala. He collaborated as a multimedia artist with Marco Filibeck (lighting designer from Teatro alla scala) and wasm additionally, involved on a production with Roberto Bolle, ètoile of Teatro alla Scala ballet and principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.
Currently, Diomedi works as Art Director for Laser Entertainment at a Milan-based studio and production unit specialized in design and realization of multimedia experience, relying on video-projection, lighting, water-screen, holographic projection, realtime
motion tracking and realtime content generation, creating experiences for Heineken, DavidOff, MiTo, Lufthansa, Pirelli, Costa Crociere, Milano city
council, Sultanate of Oman, and Expò Shanghai.