Dream Logic

On March 18, Dream Logic presents VR at Luminary at The Midway Gallery in San Francisco, exploring Nature / Unnature as a theme and launch point. What does it mean to create a new and artificial world through virtual means? Do such worlds manifest as natural worlds in their own right, modeled on forms and behaviors from the “real world” of nature? What opportunities – or dangers – emerge as natural and synthetic environments become harder to distinguish from one another? May we experience epiphanies and cathartic experiences in our “natural” minds, spurred by the “unnatural” creations of VR artists?

Dream Logic curates experiential art shows that bring artists and technologists together to explore new ways of seeing. "The Art of Dying," (October 2016) asked over two dozen artists and more than 500 attendees to reimagine what it means to be mortal. Artists brought their visions to life through virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, interactive installations, music, and physical art. The show took place in San Francisco's mission district as part of OpenIDEO’s Re:Imagine | End of Life week - a citywide conversation through art, experience, and design. 

Curator and producer Lindsay Saunders is a self-described tech/art nerd. She curated her first AR art show in Brooklyn with artist Lauren Shaw in 2012 and produced a VR / live theater play at the Hollywood Fringe Festival last year.

Curator and producer Kelly Vicars is an artist and creative producer in San Francisco. She works on large-scale, immersive art projects involving storytelling, visual art, and experience design.

Technical director Sean Kennedy uses technology and psychology to meet human needs. He is an avid writer of poetry, short stories, travel journals and two in-progress novels.

Designer Liisa Laukkanen uses physical space to create immersive environments for virtual experiences at Dream Logic shows. She leads an interior design and architecture firm in San Francisco and NYC.


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