Graham Plumb

Graham Plumb is an artist, interaction designer, creative director, and is prolific, having produced over 250 interactive exhibits in 100 different venues. Plumb’s work has been featured in museums, children's hospitals, retail spaces, and entertainment locales, and he has been commissioned by a diverse list of clients -- from Beck to Google to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. Graham Plumb is a collaborator, with Karen Marcelo, on the Reactive Cube exhibited at Luminary. The Reactive Cube combines water with a specially formulated emulsion to draw three-dimensional forms out of light. The emulsion contains micron-sized particles of oil coated with a surfactant to stay suspended in water. These capture projected light like a car’s headlamps in the fog, transforming 2d images into 3d objects.  


Plumb earned an MA in interaction design at Royal College of Art in London, and has spent more than 15 years in professional practice. He began with freelance model making for architects, furniture makers, and artists, later moving into museum design to create custom interactive experiences for science, art, and history museums. When he became creative director of Snibbe Interactive in San Francisco, his role brought him much closer to the production process, and the firm grew a reputation for their gesture-controlled installations. He then felt it was time to apply his skills and experiences to the classroom. After teaching an interaction design course to MFA design students at CCA in San Francisco two years ago, he was appointed to a tenure-track position in the undergraduate Interaction Design Program in fall 2015.