Karen Marcelo

Karen Marcelo has worked for Frogdesign, Intel Research, and Xerox PARC, among others. She is Survival Research Labs’ Tele-Obliteration Engineer and founder of dorkbot San Francisco, where “people doing strange things with electricity” can share their projects with each other. Karen has also collaborated with notorious Australian performance artist STELARC, working on his Prosthetic Head. Over the years she has worked on ubiquitous computing environments, 3D authoring tools, 3D visualizations, and the first civilian-developed telerobotics control systems for lethal machines. Currently she is doing flame choreography and coding behavior for a motorized flamethrower-wielding industrial robot arm at Survival Research Labs. Karen Marcelo is a collaborator, with Graham Plumb, on the Reactive Cube exhibited at Luminary. The Reactive Cube combines water with a specially formulated emulsion to draw three-dimensional forms out of light.