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The Moshi Project

The Moshi Project

Next Gen Moshi 

The 2019 "Next Gen" Moshi Project uses a full body Mocap suit made by Rokoko, allowing visuals to be triggered from any limb, and is responsive even to subtle movements. A completely synthetic "avatar" (as in this photo) is generated from the dancer wearing the suit, and can move in synchronous motion or in counterpoint to the moves of the human dancer. 

David Ostro, an Oakland-based digital artist, is collaborating with Mikey Disko on the newest version of this pioneering work. Musical collaborators TBA

Mikey Disko

Mikey Disko is a San Francisco-based freestyle hip-hop dancer, active and contributing to the culture since 1991. His evolving style is a combination of 90's hip-hop, strutting, locking, b-boy top rock, popping, and house foundation. He has performed in over 35 countries, and has been seen on Soul Train as well as music videos with Snoop Dogg and Souls of Mischief. Mikey Disko has been  refining and expanding the concept for this hip-hop / digital arts tour-de-force from the beginning. The dancers are drawn from Oakland's Knuckle Neck Tribe.