January 2019


Future Fires welcomes new partners Ouchhh and Digital Ambiance, expanding

dramatically what we offer to agencies, brands, and presenters. Also in this issue, 

our commission from the Tech Museum of Innovation

digital animation and new media from ouchhh

2017- Red Dot Award: Communication Design - Berlin
2017- ADC Awards (The Art Directors Club) - Museums / Gallery Installation Category- Silver Cube - New York
2017- 10th Annual IDA Awards (The International Design Awards) - Multi Media - Animation Category- Silver -Los Angeles
2017- 10th Annual IDA Awards (The International Design Awards) - Animation Category- Honorable Mention - Los Angeles

Some of our favorite digital artists come from Istanbul, and studied Visual Communication Design there. These are the origins of the ouchhh creative studio, now with offices in the US, the UK, and in Europe. They work with Future Fires to create unique brand signatures, and spectacular animations for our clients. 

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In other news, YPL , Kling Klang Klong and Waltz Binaire,

with funding from the Knight Foundation, are creating a commission for

the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose, a Future Fires project. 
Leap Motion and Plantronics are the corporate partners.

Resonance is designed to give visitors the experience of seeing, hearing, and interacting with water. Our hope is that it will help ignite a visceral experience, making vivid the reality of water outside of its identity as a commodity. We'd like people to (re) experience some of the magic and mystery of something so common it's often taken for granted. 

How does Resonance work? As visitors interact with the virtual "surface" of the water, via Leap Motion sensors, what is seen is translated into sound. An array of speakers deliver a spatial impression of water, changing in real time as visitors touch and change what they are watching and hearing. 

Thanks to the Knight Foundation, and to The Tech, for commissioning this piece. It's a global team of great talent, and Future Fires is honored and thrilled to be in the mix! We look forward to showing you images of the build, and hope you can join us for the opening in April at the Tech Museum. 

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Future Fires / Digital Ambiance     Tel: 510.473.5299

Volumetric LED installations allow you to fill a room with

addressable 3D imagery: epic and dramatic new technology


And, in 2019, bespoke LED activation,

in partnership with Digital Ambiance

FF_Volumetric Pitch.002.jpeg

In this video from TeamLab, a nice example of the technology at work.  Images are uploaded in real time to a volumetric display. Here are photos, plans of a Digital Ambiance installation.

FF_Volumetric Pitch.001.jpeg
FF_Volumetric Pitch.003.jpeg

PRICE POINT: from 28k (chandelier sized) to 60k (larger). 100k - 500k (room sized)

If we’ve shown you something that’s piqued your interest, or if there’s something you’re looking for, we’re available. And responsive!

clark@futurefires.com     gil@futurefires.com     

Tel: 510.473.5299

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