Nos Visuals and Avoidance Policy

Nos Visuals and Avoidance Policy is an audio-visual performance, and a first-time collaboration. As software has become more nuanced and intuitive, a more holistic amalgam of sound and visuals has become possible. This collaboration strives to achieve a balanced union of the two, with the sum adding up to more than the parts. Both artists perform: one generating sound, the other generating images. Join us for this unique duet, melding these two primal sensory sources, sight and sound. 

Tim Russell lives at the confluence of the aural and the visual. He was raised in a house filled with the sounds of piano and guitar, his parents both being recreational musicians.  From that nurturing experience, it seems only fitting that he was drawn to music and more specifically, percussion.  He began his professional career as a musician at fifteen, playing drums in rock bands around the Chicago suburbs.  His passion for music and percussion deepened as he attended the University of Wisconsin, where he eventually graduated with a degree in percussion performance.  After college, Tim expanded upon his musical fascination, immersing himself in the world of Contemporary Movement via accompanying classes and composing music at the University of Wisconsin Dance Program. Tim recently left his position as the Music Director at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Dance Department to pursue an MFA in Music Improvisation at Mills College in Oakland, CA.  He has been called “The premier composer for Modern Dance in Milwaukee" by the Shepherd Express and a “thrilling show within the show” (DanceTabs). Tim is an extremely active performer/composer; his work is almost exclusively created within the context of choreography and improvisation. He is the co-curator of Hyperlocal MKE, a Music and Dance improvisation series which is now in it’s third year. Along with his long time collaboration with the Gerald Casel Dance Company, his audio shares the stage with a vast array of choreographic artists such as: Li Chiao Ping, Danceworks, Kate Corby, WildSpace Dance, Liz Sexe and Kun Yang Lin, bringing Tim and his “Compelling original Music" (Madison Isthmus)  all across the country, from the Judson Church in New York City to ODC in San Francisco.

Osman Koç is a creative technologist and artist who uses technology as a medium for expression.

He is the in-house technical director and interaction designer for Future Fires. 

Directed by his curiosities, Koç’s works touches many fields: cybernetics, artificial intelligence, biosensors, kinetic sculptures, reactive lighting, audiovisual performances, and games with alternative physical controllers.

In 2014, Osman co-founded Iskele47, a multi-disciplinary design hub and maker space in Istanbul, where he experimented, prototyped, taught, consulted, and collaborated. Since early 2017, he has been continuing his activities in San Francisco, CA.

Osman is a member of the visual performance trio NOS Visuals, and of the collaborative network Epitome. The NOS Visuals interactive software is  collaborative project between  and Koç and NOHLab, formed and  operating in Istanbul. NOHLab is a prestigious group of designers, artists and coders, who have created and exhibited innovative work widely over many years.