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This page serves as a selective guide to where you can gather information about global warming, and about our changing climate. Here you can let your voice be heard, make a contribution, take action. 

There will be fires in our future, as there will be sea-level rise, migration of human populations, economic and political upheaval, and a die-off in our oceans. We can't “opt out.” We all see and feel the cascading effects of climate change. We’re going to be witnessing these effects through our lifetimes, and our children will see them even more powerfully and destructively.

Join us in looking with clear eyes at the transition we must make, as a society, away from fossil fuel consumption.


Join us in being the radical change that is needed, expressed in action and policy.


Join us both in sounding the alarm, and in giving our very best answers to that alarm. It’s time for everyone to be an activist. 


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On Feb. 27, hundreds of Indigenous Waorani elders, youth and leaders arrived in the city of Puyo, Ecuador. They left their homes deep in the Amazon rainforest to peacefully march through the streets, hold banners, sing songs and, most importantly, submit documents to the provincial Judicial Council to launch a lawsuit seeking to stop the government from auctioning off their ancestral lands in the Pastaza region to oil companies. Click on the image above to visit and find out more about EcoWatch, and about Pastaza, encompassing some of the world's most biodiverse regions.

At the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (2018): in an act of protest against the museum receiving funds from the oil and gas company Shell, protesters smeared the windows of the museum with dark handprints. Two months later, the Van Gogh Museum and Shell ended their 18-year sponsorship deal, saying it was a mutual decision. At the Mauritshuis, another notable Dutch museum, Shell’s six-year partnership contract expired in July and was not renewed. To visit and learn more about Fossil Free Culture, a collective of artists, activists, researchers and critics working at the intersection of art and climate activism, click on the image (above).

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Let's not forget one of the most effective ways to stop climate change — leaving oil, coal, and gas in the ground.
Click on the image to visit Greenpeace, to join Greenpeace, and to contribute.

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Greta Thunberg, the sixteen-year-old climate activist, says that all she wants is for adults to behave like adults, and to act on the terrifying information that is all around us. Link to New Yorker article by clicking on photo.