Raven Kwok was born in Shanghai in 1989. He is a visual artist, animator and creative programmer, focused on exploring a generative visual aesthetic through computer algorithms and software processes.

About the videos, in order:


1194D is an immersive triple-screen audiovisual installation for the Future Rhapsody art exhibition curated by Wu Juehui & Yan Yan at Today Art Museum in Beijing, China (2017)

The second video (Rule 110) was created for the release of the album 'One Hundred Billions Sparks', a pre-order with tour tickets from Max Cooper 2018 tour

Greatness is video
produced by Karma Fields featuring Talib Kweli. The entire lyrics video consists of multiple variations of a customized generative system by Raven, programmed using Processing.

The HEX is a live collaborative (and interactive) installation project created by Raven Kwok and Karma Fields.
 The installation includes a surrounding set of screens forming a hexagonal prism, with generative visuals projected onto each vertical surface, making it possible for the audience to experience the piece from different perspectives. Karma Fields performs live in the center of the HEX. The HEX debuted on 11.10.2016 at LOT 613, Los Angeles, CA, US.

Most recently, on April 1, 2019, Yang Art Space in Chengdu, China opened an exhibition featuring work by Raven. This includes 11 art pieces, 2 immersive installations, 5 interactive installations and 4 procedural animations.