Second Skin

Behnaz Farahi is a designer and creative technologist working at the intersection of fashion, architecture and interaction design. Trained as an architect, she explores the potential of interactive environments and their relationship to the human body.

Second Skin is a San Francisco premiere of Ms. Farahi's work for LUMINARY: EXPANDED​, and brings together for the first time a number of her designs, in an art-directed environment, with live models. 

Bodyscape is an interactive 3D printed fashion item inspired by the behavior of the human body. As the wearer moves and gyrates her body it lights up with LED lighting controlled by a gyroscope that tracks her shoulder movements. Not only a technologically advanced fashion item produced using 3D printing technology, it raises fashion to the poetic dance of light and human movement.

Synapse is a 3D-printed helmet which moves and illuminates according to brain activity. The project was made with support from Autodesk Pier 9, and the USC School of Cinematic Arts.

Caress of the Gaze is a 3D-printed, gaze-actuated wearable. The project was made with the support from Autodesk Pier 9 and Madworkshop.

Opale is an emotive garment which can recognize and respond to the facial expressions of people around. This project is funded by the USC Bridge Art + Science Alliance Research Grant program.