Sky Lights™

Powered by ASL

Future Fires "Sky Lights" is an initiative undertaken with Aerial Sports League of San Francisco, with Future Fires as the creative lead, and ASL providing equipment and infrastructure-support. 

Drone light shows have been seen at the Super Bowl, at the Olympics, and at Burning Man, and - being quiet, less dangerous and completely non-toxic - are starting to replace traditional fireworks displays around the world. 

Carrying their own LED light source, incredibly quick and agile, drone swarms can light up the skies in small numbers, or in assemblies of 100 or more. Smaller drones are employed for indoor shows.

Artists are using animation programs like Maya to design and execute drone light shows. This means that Illuminated drones become pixels of light, and the sky a canvas for the imagination

Directed from one central hub, there's a deep sense of wonder emanating from the heavenly acrobatics of choreographed drones, moving with a coordination that can seem impossible, a testament to ingenuity and artistry, united. 

Rock in Rio.jpg

“Made famous during the Olympics, the Super Bowl, Coachella, and at the opening of CES in Las Vegas, the outdoor shows feature dozens or even hundreds of the small drones, flying in pre-programmed unison, making for one hell of a light show.”

Daniel Terdiman, Fast Company