Danish trio WhoMadeWho makes a rare and special appearance at LUMINARY: EXPANDED, with full band in tow. Their music sounds as effortless as it is stylistically adventurous, full of inventive instrumentals and vibrant melodies, all the while eschewing convention. WhoMadeWho individually evangelize about 60’s psychedelia, 70’s stoner rock, 80’s 
mutant disco, 90’s electronica, resulting in their warped sound of now. They are so much more than a danceable rock band. They are the spark to a firework display of ideas. 

"In the past ten years, they've amassed a back catalogue of emotional resonance and rare musical zip. Anchored by the dance floor nous of DJ, producer and drummer Tomas Barfod, the trio combine individual histories in jazz, classical and rock as well as electronic music to produce bittersweet indie-dance tracks of deceptive complexity." 

- Resident Advisor


"Tomas Barfod, Tomas Hoffding and Jeppe Kjellberg aka WhoMadeWho have paved an illustrious career spanning numerous singles and two acclaimed full length albums. They have certainly been one of the few acts in the past decade to successfully redefine the term “crossover” in music thanks to their genre-hopping creative tact."


"A beautifully structured slab of pop, built upon the back of grooving bass and a genuinely stirring chorus, and punctuated by some well-chosen guitar chords. “Another Day” also finds the band in a zone, aping Alex Kapranos’ swagger over some distinctly Franz Ferdinand-esque disco-rock."

- Pitchfork